Since I joined to the company and during the implementation of projects in which I participated, I have conducted a serie of activities for the management of those projects, activities and daily meetings, monthly, retrospectives among others, all this because in our company uses Scrum as a framework for managing our projects. Deepening about Scrum, it woke up in my desire to learn and perform the activities of a ScrumMaster.

Sponsored by our company on March 2 of this year I traveled to Bogota along with two co-workers, Bryan and Jessica, for the ScrumMaster certification course, the course lasted two great days, and while is true that we get to the course with a lot of practical knowledge about the Scrum/Agile world, Kleer (the company who conducted the course) used every possible tool to establish these concepts and secure them in a dynamic and practice way.

That was the most exciting part of the course, and where I was putting my expectations, because during flight to the CSM many times I wondered if it was possible, I mean, to prepare a group of people to perform activities of a ScrumMaster in two days. It was great to notice how with the passing of activities we were gradually increasing most knowledge about Scrum and the role of ScrumMaster and that was gaining sense why those meetings and activities that as company member we have done in each of our projects.

After completing the course Bryan, Jessica and I have been sharing our fresh ideas and experience with our team through presentations, that in order to put in practice what we have learned and also we wanted to get feedback from our own knowledge, at the end we answered some doubts that any of them could probably have.

  • Why do we perform these activities?
  • Why there is a daily meeting where we talked about the worked of the last day?
  • Whose depend certain activities?
  • Who to turn when a problem occurs?

Our goal as ScrumMaster when resolving these doubts beside finishing with them, it was to improve the self-management of members team that finally ends up guaranteeing better quality and value for our clients as well as the growth of ourselves as a professionals.

Ultimately my participation in the CSM was a great experience, I had the opportunity to interact with people from different professions and countries and provide feedback of knowledge, I met places of the city of Bogota where the course was held during free time and achieve one of the course objectives that it was get the ScrumMaster certification.