Common company organizations figures closed management groups, where the tasks related to maintain and guide companies processes rely on a hand of experienced people, while in some cases this could ‘work’ if we measure this based on short term financial results, this is not a good start to make a happy environment inside the company and in the long term this will lead to very bad results, after all, what is a company without his people ?.

Let me share something interesting:

If a system is to be stable the number of states of its control mechanism must be greater than or equal to the number of states in the system being controlled. 

– The Law of Requisite Variety (W. Ross Ashby)

Based on this we could initially deduct 2 things.

The first one is that in order to control/direct a team of people, you need a human being, another kind of being wont be able to do it, that because after all, who could understand a human being with all his complexity more than another human?.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, sometimes even we humans don’t understand other human behavior, and everyone who has been on management for a while can say it, there are some situations that we could say for sure a computer would not be able to manage because after all are very hard for humans, so hard that sometimes some of us end up believing that these were resolved spontaneously.

But this take us to the second deduction, that is, that 1 human wont ever be as complex as 2, or 3, or N, that because the number of states in the system being controlled will always be greater than the number of states in the controller, or said in other words: 2 persons will always be more complex than one.

So, how to control a development team ? what’s the best strategy to control a team successfully?

Well, it may sound crazy, but 2 persons will always be as complex as 2 persons, if all the team-mates are involved in the management tasks then the system will be stable, that means team will be able to manage itself, and at the end of the journey there will not only be one big smile on the manager, but rather an entire team happy for the results.

After all delegating is the best way of making the team part of the company and not another piece being used only to produce good financial results. Every team member would not be prepared to do every single the team tasks but, is our task as managers to max their qualities in favour of the team results, we could start by assigning small management tasks to the younger team-members and at the end involve them into the more complex tasks.

After all, how do you became a manager ? how did you became a Sr developer ? how did you became an Engineer ?, it was by doing, we were not selected genetically right?.

I deeply believe that successful managers have some special sauce to make a team succeed in each task they take, and one of the things that is for sure inside that special sauce is inclusion, it includes recognition and a bit of challenge, and these are base things to make someone better.

Make your team manage itself, hey, who could do it better?.