Enhancing AirWorks' User Experience: Redefining Aerial Mapping and Data Analysis Solutions

AirWorks is a company that specializes in drone technology and advanced software, offering aerial mapping and data analysis solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. They cater to a diverse clientele from sectors such as energy, construction, agriculture, and mining, helping businesses enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their projects. AirWorks needed to improve the user experience for their web application and website.

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AirWorks faced the challenge of refining their web application’s user experience and website design to ensure a seamless and efficient interaction for their users. They needed a comprehensive solution that would address their platform’s user interface, making it more intuitive and easier to use while offering access to data and analysis promptly.

The solution

Our team at Wawandco collaborated with AirWorks to enhance their platform’s user experience, focusing on current features and integrating new functionalities. We redesigned the user interface for the project management and operations platforms, as well as their main website pages. Additionally, we implemented new features such as 3D data visualization with “Cloud Points” technology and integration with external providers for seamless image creation.

We employed various technologies such as Figma, LucidChart, and Invision to bring about the desired improvements. This approach allowed us to effectively redesign the user experience, optimize workflows, and minimize user errors when utilizing the platform.


Our collaboration with AirWorks led to significant improvements in their platform’s user experience and website design. These enhancements resulted in:

  • Ease of use: The platform became more intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for smooth navigation and access to software functionalities.
  • Reduced errors: The improved user experience minimized the possibility of user errors while interacting with the platform.
  • Improved efficiency: By streamlining the user’s workflow, we eliminated unnecessary steps and enhanced data processing and analysis efficiency.
  • New opportunities: The website redesign effectively addressed key questions about AirWorks' offerings, industries, and clientele, opening up new business opportunities.


The partnership between AirWorks and our team at Wawandco led to substantial improvements in the platform’s user experience and website design. By leveraging our technical expertise and understanding of user needs, we helped AirWorks deliver a more engaging and efficient platform for their clients, transforming the way businesses utilize aerial mapping and data analysis solutions.


Airworks Inc


Aerospace 3d Mapping SaaS

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1-11 employees

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