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How we built a clean, elegant and unique expression for AMI R&D brand and website.

AMI R&D has been pushing the limits of technology in the RF and signal processing fields. The firm has developed antennas, active fingerprint detection, and now a walk-through NMR system capable of detecting COVID-19 in a human body.

The Challenge

We worked with AMI R&D to create a professional identity for their brand and website. AMI develops cutting edge technologies in partnerships with other organizations, and has a family of brands like SEEQR, Antenum, SwipeTouch and others. Our main challenge was to design and develop website that build faith in potential angel investors as well as giving more visibility to the technologies that they are building.

The Solution

As a final outcome of this project we created a brand identity and website for AMI R&D following all suggestions and requirements from the customer, the site is up and running on and it’s adapted to responsive versions to provide a better user experience.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • Create a logotype for their brand.
  • Design and develop a web and responsive site.

We spent a couple of days doing a research to create an unique and professional identity for AMI R&D. They already had a logo but it was not appropriate for multiple uses and media, so we redesigned their logo using a word-mark version combining some fresh colors that transmitted a technical, elegant and professional experience to their brand.

Inspired by technology and clean modern design principles, we wanted to transmit through AMI website an unique experience for readers and investors, so we designed a corporate website including modern typographies and photography to provide a professional and innovative appearance.


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