Elevating the AMI R&D brand and website for an enhanced professional presence.

AMI R&D is a cutting-edge technology firm specializing in the RF and signal processing fields. We collaborated with them to create a professional brand identity and website, ensuring their innovative work was properly showcased to potential investors and partners.

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Our main challenges were:

  • Creating a logotype for the AMI R&D brand.
  • Designing and developing a responsive website that builds trust among potential investors and highlights their groundbreaking technologies.

The solution

To address these challenges, our team:

  • Redesigned the AMI R&D logo to create a versatile word-mark version that incorporated fresh colors and conveyed a technical, elegant, and professional experience.
  • Developed a corporate website with modern typographies and photography, providing a professional and innovative appearance for readers and investors.

The AMI R&D project resulted in:

  • A unique and professional brand identity, including a redesigned logo suitable for multiple uses and media.
  • A responsive website that showcases AMI’s innovative technologies, fostering trust among potential investors and partners.


Our collaboration with AMI R&D led to:

  • A refined brand identity that captures the essence of their groundbreaking work.
  • A well-designed, responsive website that appeals to a diverse audience, including investors and partners.

The successful implementation of these solutions satisfied the AMI R&D team and elevated their online presence.


We successfully collaborated with AMI R&D to create a professional brand identity and responsive website that effectively showcases their innovative technologies. Our team’s dedication and expertise led to the development of effective solutions that met the client’s needs. If you’re interested in improving your brand or learning more about our services, please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make it happen!



Technologies Used

PHP, CSS, Javascript

Tools Used

Wordpress, Sketch, InVision

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