Revamping Avenue100: Enhancing User Experience and Streamlining Parental Decision-Making in Higher Education Planning

Avenue100 is a company dedicated to connecting parents who are planning their children’s higher education with educational institutions and plan management entities. With the goal of helping parents identify the most suitable providers for their children’s education, Avenue100 sought to improve their existing platform’s UI and UX while ensuring a seamless continuation of their project.

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Avenue100’s initial challenge was to identify the needs and requirements of their users effectively. They had an existing product that needed refinement in terms of user interface and user experience. The primary issue was finding a skilled team to continue their project while delivering the necessary improvements.

The solution

Our team at Wawandco collaborated with Avenue100 to enhance their existing platform by focusing on UI and UX improvements. We closely examined the platform’s processes and provided recommendations for necessary modifications. Our team was able to create dynamic forms called “flows,” which collected essential information from users to generate personalized recommendations for their children’s education plans.

To bring about the desired improvements, we utilized various technologies, including Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL for creating flows, and HTML/CSS/Javascript for frontend development. This technical approach allowed us to redesign and develop specific views and platforms tailored to Avenue100’s requirements.


With our assistance, Avenue100 successfully revamped its platform, resulting in an improved user interface and enhanced user experience. The dynamic forms or “flows” we developed played a pivotal role in gathering relevant information from users, ultimately enabling the platform to offer tailored recommendations for their children’s education plans.


The collaboration between Avenue100 and our team at Wawandco led to significant improvements in the platform’s UI and UX. By leveraging our technical expertise and understanding of user needs, we helped Avenue100 provide a more engaging and user-friendly platform that simplifies the decision-making process for parents planning their children’s higher education.





Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JS

Tools Used


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