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AXE Sports Technology

We worked with AXE Sports Technology to make sports facilities software more efficient and user friendly.

Axe Sport Technology group needed to define their brand identity, website and different UX/UI Design for their products.

The Challenge

The word Axe stands for “Attitude x Effort” and that part of the logo needed to be used as a reference for multiple Axe family brands like: Axe Sports Group, Axe Hockey, Axe Advising, and others. Axe aims to be the solution for those in Sports Management who are looking for a product that actually meets all their needs in a way that is easy for them and their customers to use.

The Solution

Our Design team started the project focused on defining the visual brand identity for Axe Sports Technology group and step by step defined a UX/UI strategy to tackle the HNIB mobile app which was one of the most challenged parts of this project. After creating the visual part of the app, it was the time for our developers to build a desktop dashboard to illustrate all the Hockey data for HNIB tournaments.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • Create a Logo & Brand Identity
  • Design and implement a website for Axe brand.
  • Design a iOS/Android Mobile App for HNIB (Hockey Night In Boston).
  • Design and Develop a Desktop Dashboard UI for HNIB standings, teams and schedules."

Our team worked closely with the Axe team building Axe's Brand, we spent a couple of days of exercise researching between different concepts, shapes, fonts, colors and more items that were of utmost importance to achieve the main goal of the project. Once we had it applied Axe's brand to the HNIB Mobile App, then to the HNIB Admin application and then of course to Axe's Website.

Our team put all their love on this design collaboration we made for HNIB. Across more than 60 screens with different states, we delivered the whole UX design of the app in addition to an amazing User Interface which caught the interest an acceptation of the customers. At the end of all the design/development process our customer was happy and satisfied with the result that we end up doing with their initial idea. Proving again that Wawandco transforms ideas in real solutions.


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