Making parking spot reservation and management easier, faster, and more accessible.

Downtime Parking is a parking management company that manages private parking lots, making a portion of their parking spaces available to the general public when not in use. We partnered with Downtime Parking to develop a user-friendly web application that streamlines the parking reservation and registration process, making it accessible to users and parking space owners alike.

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Downtime Parking’s existing reservation and registration process relied heavily on spreadsheets and was primarily managed by the company’s customer service team. Our main challenges were:

  • Organizing and automating the reservation and registration process.
  • Building a self-service web application that allows users to easily reserve parking spaces and parking space owners to manage their lots.

The solution

Our software development team, comprising four developers, worked closely with Downtime Parking to deliver:

  • Requirements analysis, interface and solution development, and testing.
  • A user-friendly web application that simplifies the parking reservation process and provides parking space owners with a dashboard for monitoring their lots.

Implementation The Downtime Parking web application offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface for users to search and book parking spaces near a specific address or location.
  • A seamless and consistent reservation process for users.
  • A management platform for parking space owners to oversee their parking lots.
  • Technologies to monitor parking lots, recognize users, and prevent parking violations.


Our solution achieved the following objectives:

  • Designing an easy-to-use user experience across the entire application.
  • Enabling users to search for and reserve parking spaces near specific addresses or locations quickly and conveniently.
  • Providing parking space owners with a platform to manage and monitor their lots, ensuring efficient use of resources and preventing violations.

Downtime Parking was satisfied with the project’s execution, timing, and systematization, as well as the rapid and iterative value delivery.


Downtime Parking’s web application now offers a streamlined and intuitive experience for users to search, book, and manage parking spaces, as well as for parking space owners to oversee their lots. If you’re interested in developing a similar platform or learning more about our software development services, please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make it happen!


DowntimeParking Inc


Parking Solutions

Company Size

1-11 employees

Technologies Used

Go, Echo, JS, AngularJS

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