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Downtime Parking

Wawandco worked with DowntimeParking to make finding a parking spot easier, faster, and everywhere.

Downtime parking is a parking management company, They manage private parking lots and make a portion of those parking spaces available to the general public when they don't need them.

The Challenge

Although Downtime Parking already had an established methodology for parking reservation and registration of new parking spaces, this was managed largely via spreadsheets and accessible primarily by the company's customer service. Our goal was to organize all this process and build a web application that simplifies the reservation/registration process letting the users do it by themselves.

The Solution

Our software development team made up of 4 developers delivered requirements analysis, interface and solution development and testing. The team worked in close cooperation with the customer.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • Design an easy to use user experience across all the application
  • Allow users to search for parking spaces near to a specific address or location.
  • Allow the user to reserve parking spaces in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Provide a platform that allows to manage the parking spaces.
  • Provide technologies to monitor a parking lot recognizing users and avoid parking violators.

Our solution achieve a comfy way to search and book parking lots for a specific address bringing to the user a good and intuitive experience in a self-service web application, also allowed to parking space owner to monitor its lot by accessing to a dashboard with further information about reservations and current users on its lot.

SymbolSecurity is satisfied with the execution, timing and systematization of the project and in particular with the delivery of rapid and iterative value.


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