Revamping the University Costs Planning Application for Parents

In today’s competitive and costly higher education landscape, parents need all the help they can get to plan their child’s education expenses. The university costs planning application is designed to provide parents with essential tools and insights to estimate and manage the cost of education at specific universities in the United States. This application assists parents in applying for scholarships, managing course credits, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

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The initial version of the application faced a few key challenges, including an unintuitive user interface (UI), limited financial tools, and a lack of scalability for future growth. Parents needed a more comprehensive and user-friendly platform to help them navigate the complex world of higher education costs and planning.

The solution

Our team partnered with the application developers to address these issues and enhance the platform. We focused on three primary goals:

  • improving the UI
  • developing new financial tools
  • optimizing scalability for the application’s future growth.

We utilized Rails, a Ruby framework, and Heroku for hosting the application. AWS was used for asset management, and the Apartment Gem was implemented for scalability. Our collaboration resulted in significant UI improvements, performance enhancements, and the development of new financial tools to better assist parents in planning for their child’s higher education expenses.


Thanks to our team’s efforts, the university costs planning application now offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Parents have access to a more comprehensive set of financial tools to help them make informed decisions about their child’s education. Additionally, the platform’s scalability has been optimized, ensuring it can accommodate future growth and development.


The revamped university costs planning application is now an invaluable tool for parents navigating the challenging landscape of higher education costs. With a more intuitive UI, expanded functionality, and improved scalability, parents can confidently plan for their child’s education expenses, manage course credits, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Our team’s collaboration has significantly enhanced the platform, providing parents with the support they need during this crucial decision-making process.




B2B college planning tools

Company Size

11-20 employees

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML

Tools Used

Sketch, InVision

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