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Revolutionizing Employee Relocation with Motus' Automated Cost Calculator

Living Costs, a Motus feature, is designed to streamline and automate the cost calculation process for companies relocating their employees to cities around the world. The challenge of accurately estimating expenses such as travel, food, lodging, and family relocation, which vary significantly across locations, requires a sophisticated and user-friendly solution.

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Motus was using an outdated platform running on legacy IBM hardware to manage the diverse expenses involved in employee relocation. This legacy system not only hindered efficiency but also lacked the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to changing business needs. The company required a cloud-native solution to modernize their relocation cost calculation process, ensuring accurate and efficient results.

The solution

Motus had already developed algorithms to calculate the necessary expenses for employee relocation. We collaborated with their team to redesign the project, leaving behind the legacy version, and focused on improving the UX and UI. We integrated the algorithms into a platform called Runzheimer Relocation, later renamed Living Cost. This web portal enables clients to select the origin and destination of the relocation and receive a comprehensive report detailing the associated costs, while also providing valuable data to the research team.

Our team utilized various technologies to implement the cloud-native solution, including the Go Buffalo framework for development, a Postgres database for information storage, Here libraries for geolocation access, and the SABRE API for real-time flight information.


The outcome is a web service offered by Motus that assists clients worldwide in calculating relocation costs. With the redesigned UX and UI and the integration of advanced algorithms, Living Cost has transformed the employee relocation process, providing accurate cost estimates and streamlining the decision-making process for companies around the globe.


The collaboration between our team and Motus has resulted in an innovative and efficient cloud-native solution for managing employee relocation expenses. Living Cost not only automates the calculation process but also provides a user-friendly platform for clients to make informed decisions regarding employee relocation. This web service has significantly improved the relocation experience for both companies and their employees, modernizing and simplifying a previously complex and labor-intensive process.


Motus Inc


Relocation SaaS

Company Size

250-1000 employees


Technologies Used

Go, Buffalo, JS

Tools Used

InVision, Liquibase

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