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Creating an Energy-Efficient Mileage Tracking App for Motus

Motus, a leading vehicle reimbursement solutions provider, helps organizations adhere to IRS guidelines and labor laws while accurately reimbursing mobile employees for their vehicles' business use. As a leader in the industry, Motus was looking to develop a mobile application that could track employee mileage without draining users' cellphone batteries.

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The challenge was to create a mobile application capable of accurately tracking employee mileage without consuming significant amounts of battery life. This would ensure a seamless user experience while providing precise reimbursement data to employers and employees alike.

The solution

To address this challenge, our team designed and developed an iOS application using Swift and Fastlane. The application leveraged machine learning algorithms to reduce battery consumption without sacrificing precision in mileage tracking. Additionally, we built a Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the heuristics we developed to other client companies.

Our team used Swift, a programming language for native iOS applications, and Fastlane, a tool that automates tasks in mobile development, to build the mobile application. By combining these technologies with machine learning algorithms, we ensured energy-efficient and accurate mileage tracking for users.


The partnership with Motus has spanned over eight years, with numerous successful releases and challenges overcome during this time. The energy-efficient mileage tracking app has played a significant role in Motus' growth, positioning the company as a leader in the employee reimbursement industry.


Our team’s expertise in mobile development and machine learning allowed us to create a mileage tracking app for Motus that met their unique requirements. The app’s energy efficiency and precision contributed to the company’s growth and established Motus as a leader in the employee reimbursement sector. This long-lasting partnership highlights the importance of innovative solutions and technical excellence in addressing client needs.


Motus Inc


Employee Reimbursement (B2B SaaS)

Company Size

250-1000 employees


Technologies Used

Java, Swift, Firebase

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