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We collaborated with Radical Product Thinking to create a cleaner outlook for the website, improve users navigation and online experience

Radical Product Thinking is a methodology that provides organizations with the help needed to build world-changing products by giving direction to faster innovation through iteration.

The Challenge

While working with the team we concluded that a new approach was needed to better showcase the methodology developed by Radical Product Thinking. The main focus was to improve how the content was showcased in order for it to be clear and intuitive so that we could help users enhance their online experience and navigation through the website

The Solution

Our team created mid-fidelity prototypes which we could use to analyze and choose the best way to organize the content and build a structure that shows a more appealing side of the website and make it easier to navigate. This process also served the purpose of defining the layout and styling that best suits the product display.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • Showcase the product in a clear and pleasing manner
  • Allow users to find the information needed in a fast and simple way

Our solution achieve a comfy way to search and book parking lots for a specific address bringing to the user a good and intuitive experience in a self-service web application, also allowed to parking space owner to monitor its lot by accessing to a dashboard with further information about reservations and current users on its lot.

In conclusion we came up with the solution that encourages users to look through the varying content that Radical Product Thinking offers in their website such as the Toolkit, workshops and talks to keep helping organizations in their quests of creating vision-driven products.


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