Boosting Product Update Efforts with Releaso

Releaso automates and streamlines the process of generating and transmitting product updates. With Releaso, you and your stakeholders can have a dedicated space to stay informed about the changes in your product. Not only that, but it also reduces the effort required to compile your notes by leveraging your commit history.

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The primary challenge we tackled was the substantial effort required to validate and verify the changes incorporated in a release post-implementation. Following this, we confidently proceeded to craft the release notes and promptly propagate them to our stakeholders.

The solution

To tackle the current issue, we created a tool that leverages our development progress history to extract information for each update. After identifying this information source, we opted to utilize AI to assist clients in composing their release notes more efficiently.

The final step was to create a platform for delivering product updates. We designed mockups that evolved into a user-friendly website for Releaso clients to publish their updates with customized features in mind.


We have collaborated with Releaso to develop a tool that streamlines the process of writing release notes and improves the distribution of these notes to the client’s stakeholders. Releaso utilizes AI technology and features a user-friendly interface, making it an easy tool to use.


Releaso’s integration with GitHub enables the identification of work associated with a release tag. Leveraging AI technology, it generates release notes tailored to the selected tone for the product. These notes are then incorporated into a fully customizable website provided by Releaso, allowing clients to effectively communicate updates to their customers. Furthermore, Releaso offers clients the capability to subscribe to their site for timely notifications of new updates. Additionally, clients have the option to disseminate updates via email, streamlining the process of generating and circulating updates to stakeholders.

If you’re eager to develop a similar platform or want to learn more about our design and development services, please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make it happen!




Product Management


Technologies Used

Go, HTMX, Tailwind CSS, PostgresSQL

Tools Used

Linear, Figma, Stripe, Cloudflare, Resend,

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