Simplify, Normalize, Thrive: The Retabler Success Story

Retabler is a powerful tool designed to seamlessly import and normalize data, empowering small to medium companies to effortlessly bring in external data and concentrate on their core business activities.

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Importing data for businesses requires a substantial investment of time and skilled personnel capable of executing this task, while also carrying the inherent risk of human errors such as data duplication.

The solution

We developed Retabler specifically to address this issue. Retabler empowers businesses to establish their own data model and provides a dedicated space for their users to upload and cleanse their data based on the defined model.

This equips customers with robust tools to identify and swiftly resolve errors in the file, as well as make intelligent adjustments such as format changes.


Retabler significantly streamlines the data import process for businesses, effectively reducing costs and empowering them to achieve their goals with heightened efficiency and minimal room for error.


Retabler stands out as a valuable tool that not only simplifies data import processes but also enhances data quality, reduces errors, and empowers businesses to focus on their core objectives. Its customizable features, error detection capabilities, and cost-saving benefits make it a strategic asset for small to medium companies looking to optimize their data management practices and achieve operational excellence.

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Technologies Used

Go, HTMX, Tailwind CSS, PostgresSQL

Tools Used

Linear, Descope, Figma, Railway

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