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Wawandco allied with SEEQR team to build a great customer facing UX/UI design for their website.

SEEQR™ (Stimulated Enhanced Emissions Quadrupole Resonance) is a walk-through portal that promises to offer non-invasive, real-time, accurate COVID-19 testing.

The Challenge

We had a big challenge when starting this project, it was our first project of this kind and we didn’t know too much about the topic, but when getting into a conversation with the stakeholders we were able to learn about their technologies and how it worked. All the information we got from them helped us a lot to choose the best fonts, colors and images for their website.Time was another challenge when creating this project. We only had 2 weeks to design and develop all the screens for the website, including the responsive UI. But that was not a concern, our experienced design and development team took the risk and delivered all things on time.

The Solution

After spending some hours on a design research we realized that SEEQR had a balance between a technological and scientist site, so we decided to transmit through their website an experienced and professional personality. We opt to use real pictures instead of illustrations in order to provide serious appearance, and maximum 3 colors were used on the palette in order to don’t make it looks colorful.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • Provide a great adaptability for mobile devices.
  • Transmit a clear and consistent UX/UI design across the website.

With more than 15 UI screens including the responsive versions, our team included the main information that SEEQR wanted to transmit on their site. We created a landing page which is the current home screen that contains an overview of different sections of the site in order to call the attention of the users and encourage them to continue looking at the rest of pages where they could find information about the technology, history, vision, team and others.

SEEQR systems are expected to be available in 2021, and now they have a cool site to engage their customers, partners and possible investors.You can see this work in live on:


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