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Symbol Security

We partnered with the SymbolSecurity to build the best User experience for security administrators and companies running security programs.

Symbol-security phishing simulations is an easy to use tool, which generate phishing simulations in order to aware and train company employees to prevent them from falling into real phishing.

The Challenge

Since Symbol Security was a new innovative project we had the opportunity to work with it from the beginning, we were free to give symbol a personality and that's what we love to do; In that order of ideas the main goal was to create an intuitive and total fresh design, to bring the best user experience to symbol users inside the web platform and a website to gain users trust.

The Solution

After the info-gathering regarding Symbol Security vision, our next step was to start sketching. To shoot concepts quickly, we produced low-fidelity sketches. This allowed us to analyze several visual and content ideas before collectively settling on a way forward. This exercise yielded direction for layout, placement, and styling.


Our main objectives to achieve:

  • A Website Focused on Customer Acquisition
  • A clear an consistent UX/UI design across the platform.

Inside the platform, Our UX/UI design focused on clear actions, a good formed hierarchy on the page, and user-friendly forms, splitting up complex interactions into smaller, self-contained steps and showing each on its own screen.

On the other hand, Symbol's website priority was to gain users trust and demonstrate his maturity, we knew that establishing a strong visual identity and a sober website was crucial, it was necessary to show the product, encouraging users to use it and why it was so necessary for the company information security. The general style had to reflect the contemporary and progressive values of the company.


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