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We're an ever-evolving company on the mission to accelerate technological strategies through performant software engineering teams and methods.

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Our Story

Early on 2013 Antonio had a dream: to create a software company that could leverage agile and edge technologies to provide groundbreaking services to businesses.

Antonio had worked in the tech industry, but he wanted to create something entirely new. He wanted to combine the power of agile and new technologies to create a unique service offering that could help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

He identified the greatest challenge businesses face when using agile to achieve productivity: the lack of skilled and functional teams to implement and manage technological efforts. So, he decided to build a specialized team of experts, leveraging the power of agile and edge technologies to create unique solutions and services that could help businesses succeed.

He put together an experienced team of engineers and strategists, and formed the company, Wawandco. Their mission was accelerate technological strategies through performant software engineering teams and methods to stay ahead of the competition.

Antonio had no prior experience with running a business, but their passion for technology, combined with their dedication to helping businesses succeed, propelled them to success. Today, Agile Edge Technologies is a thriving B2B agency, providing cutting-edge services to businesses in multiple industries


The team at Wawandco is down-to-earth and understanding of the needs of a growing company like ours. They are flexible, collaborative and customer-centric. We enjoy working with them, and look forward to many more successful years to come!

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Mike Addesa

CTO & Co-founder

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Our Principles

Our principles are the bedrock of Wawandco. They guide our decisions, our actions, and our customer service.

They are the foundation of our company culture and the values that shape the way we do business. Our principles are essential to our success and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Ship fast and learn

Speed means value for any business. Our teams have a strong focus on moving fast and learn. Iteration by iteration we pursue learning lessons and improvement opportunities while we achieve each of the goals our teams have.

Pursue Excellence

Our teams are in the constant pursue of Excellence: Finding better and more efficient ways of building software solutions, testing the best tooling and measuring our performance. We continuously pursue excellence.

Communicate and Connect

We understand the important role communication plays in our industry, hence we have an emphasis in over-communicating with our teammates and clients to create long-lasting connections and results.

Fun and healthy are required

In every thing we do we go one step ahead from the result and make sure we're having fun and keeping our teams healthy. Health and fun are requirements.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is an experienced and passionate group of professionals dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in software development. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry, our team is well-equipped to tackle any software development challenge. Our leaders are committed to providing the highest quality experience and the most cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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    Antonio Pagano

    Founder and CEO

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    Dalgis Villalobos

    Finance Director

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    Yesica Villalobos

    People Operations

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    Pedro Aguilar

    People Operations

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    Nicole Escobar

    Technical Leader

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    Andres Martinez

    Technical Leader

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    Bryan Algutria

    Technical Leader

Our Team Values

At Wawandco, we recognize that our team values are a reflection of our commitment to excellence and the overall success of our team. We believe that these values are the foundation of our culture and provide a platform for our team to succeed.


At Wawandco we value courage in its different forms. Our team members are individuals with their own voice, able to be team members to celebrate victories, to point out our shortcomings, and to propose better ways to accomplish our tasks.


In our internal processes, in our professional performance and even within our team we tend to add only what is necessary, to pursue and build organic elements. We tend to understand when enough is enough and reach it.


We defend what we are and tend to sustain it. Our team is made up of people you can trust who identify with our values, individuals who are not willing to negotiate who we are, even when no one is looking.


Our measure of success is entirely tied to who we are and who we have been. We pursue the improvement of who we are today with the aim of reaching states that surpass our previous versions understanding that this is a constant and infinite path.

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