We are Wawandco.

Our company

We are a web and mobile application development agency, with a passion for crafting amazing and effective applications using the mantra of rapid analysis, prototyping, development and measurement, located at the beautiful Barranquilla, on Colombia's North Coast.

What drive us

We are a team of product designers and engineers committed with excellence in software design and development. We are fueled by quality, we are always in the look for the best technologies for the job at hand and deeply believe there is no silver bullet in what we do.

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Our Principles

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Not just Technology

While we still wired to the latest and coolest technologies and stacks, we deeply understand that technology is just one part of the equation. We're proud to collaborate with technology and design but understand and embrace other types of collaboration to achieve the goals team is pursuing.

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Ready to speak up

We're not just coders and pixel folks. We want to be part of the team and will speak up when the ship is moving in the wrong direction.

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Fun Packed

We're not just another contractor, we're humans here 👋. We try our best to have fun while we work on any technology tool, thats why loving what we do is an important part of our everyday (We love it).

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Pay it forward

We enjoy paying it forward to open source. The same way we receive software from the open source we think we have the responsibility to pay it forward and contribute to the tools we use.