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  • One of the coolest libraries in the Buffalo framework is Plush, a templating engine that provides ERB-like syntax for writing server side HTML. It is a very powerful templating engine that can be used to render HTML pages for Go applications. Plush makes it easy to iterate over collections, have conditional content, use partials and more. Even though Plush is built within the Buffalo ecosystem and I’ve been able to mostly use it in my buffalo apps, I’ve always wondered how it can be integrated with Go applications written with the standard library.
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  • I recently tried to build a web application using Go and HTML templates. In doing so, I started to miss some cool features that Buffalo and plush have to avoid repeating the layout of your web pages. I thought this was a common enough problem that the Go team should have provided the tools in the standard library, and as usual, they did. That’s when I came across the block and define expressions for templates.
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